On Children’s Day, here are four Indian organisations working to restore children’s dreams w - Your Story

India today has around 10 million child labourers, most of them are exposed to violence and abuse Children’s Day in India is celebrated on November 14 as a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. Also, famously known as Chacha Nehru or Chachaji, Nehru’s love and affection for children is well known, […]

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This Children’s Day, Miracle Foundation is gifting healthcare to 100 orphan children w - Your Story

By offering quality healthcare to 100 orphans for a full year, so they grow and thrive, Miracle Foundation is also giving us the power to make miracles for parentless kids this Children’s Day. It was the June of 2016 when Keerthika, a nine-year-old was put into a children’s home after losing her mother to an […]


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